We’re curious about the evolution of ideas.  This survey is about who is involved.
It’s for anyone that wants to share their experience about launching a new idea - either one time or on a regular basis - as part of an organization, startup, informal group, or company.  

Most people take 5 minutes to answer all questions.
Recall the last time that your team launched something new or innovative.

Examples of this might be a revised process, new software, a new program, an idea years in the making, a campaign, a new course offering, etc.  Big or small!
What type of group were you involved with? *

What kind of research did you or your team conduct before deciding to implement the idea, if at all?

Please describe how many and the type of people involved in developing and executing the idea over time. *

For example, the idea may have sparked with one or two people in a meeting, involved more of the team when the decision was made to implement the idea, and involved even more team members during execution.
Did you believe the project was a success?  Why?

Was there anything frustrating about the evolution or execution of the idea?  Anything that could've made things smoother? *

(whether you were directly involved or just observing)
Would you be willing to participate in a 20-min phone interview to discuss Evolution of Ideas further?  If so, please enter your phone number:

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