Cooperative/Community Profile
Section 1 | The Basics

What is the name of your cooperative/community? *

In which neighborhood is it located? *

What is the address of your building? *

If you'd rather not publish the exact address, the next question will allow you to opt out.  Instead, we'll just drop a pin at the street intersection on our map.
Would you like the exact address to be published on our website? *

If no, we'll keep your address for internal uses only.
Which living type does your cooperative/community offer? *

What type of building is it? *

How many units/quarters does your building have? *

Please include terms like 'rooms' or 'apartments' or 'dwellings' to better describe the units.
Section 2 | More About Your Co-op/Community

Give people a sense of what they can expect from your group.
If your group has a website, what is the url?

Is this a spiritual/religious community? *

If yes, please describe.

Please describe what type of spiritual/religious community you share among members.
Which common spaces do your members share? *

e.g. bike room, storage room, backyard, garden plots, porch, common stairwell, common hallway to units, shared laundry/in-unit laundry, garage & car-sharing for those who opt-in, exercise room, etc.
Which utilities do your members share?  If necessary, explain how they're shared. *

e.g. water, natural gas, electricity, composting service for those who opt-in, internet, cable, security system, etc.
If your group has a motto, please share it here.

Otherwise, you can describe the vision of your community in general. e.g. reducing our ecological footprint, working to revitalize the neighborhood, etc.
When was your co-op/group officially founded/established? *

Briefly describe how your co-op/community is governed.

e.g. group budgeting, consensus decision making, monthly board meetings, etc.

Answer required if you want your FULL profile published.
Briefly describe your group's equity structure.

e.g. limited equity, zero equity, market-rate units, upgrades not allowed, etc.

Answer required if you want your FULL profile published.
Anything else you want to add about your building that makes it unique / a comfortable place to live?

e.g. radiator heating, historic building with lots of character, great south-facing sun for gardening, relatively few maintenance issues for an old building, etc.
Section 3 | Interested Parties

If someone's interested in learning more, how can people contact you? *

Phone number to display on published profile:

(Leave blank if you don't want this to be public to prospective candidates.)
Our People will be in touch with Your People

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Once we get in touch with you, please allow about a week for your profile to be published.
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